8 Ways to Use my Free Puckish Coloring Cards

Hi there puckish friends!

Here are some quick and easy ideas for the free printable coloring cards I put up on the site yesterday.

Easy Match Game

Use the 8 cards as a simple memory game to find the pairs. Color however you'd like!

Complex Memory Game

Up your coloring skills and make multiple different matched pairs of whales, alpacas, mermaids and puckish girls to increase the challenge.

Same Bread

I don't know about you all, but Sarah and Duck used to be huge in our house, and some remnants of that time remain, like a fondness for playing the game Same Bread, which is like Snap, but with bready cards. So, why not puckish snap? Increase your chances of a match by making larger sets of identical cards.

4 Questions

In the time honored days of bored children, my friends and I used to love to play guessing games by sticking something on a piece of paper to our foreheads and then trying to guess what it is by asking questions to our friends. Make your puckish cards extra detailed and give it a whirl!


Not in the mood for a game? These cards would look lovely on a bit of ribbon as a garland for a blanket fort or a bedroom.


Or, make a quick mobile out of puckish cards hung from a stick or ring of card stock to hang somewhere special.


Want something pretty to mark your page? Decorate a card for each and every book you're reading (or plan to read during this Stay Home time), or cut out the puckish figure and have a sweet little mini bookmark. (Post on how to make puckish bookmarks with easy self-adhesive laminating sheets coming soon!)

Puckish Mail

Cut out, color, and stick one (or three!) of these to a folded piece of card stock or construction paper and voila! Instant puckish card!

A few quick tips:

+ Be sure to use card stock, not regular printer paper. Print the cards with borderless printing in the "fill page" setting on your printer to ensure the backside pattern covers the entire sheet.

+I would love to see your creations! Post pictures on social media with the hashtag #ratherpuckishcrafts or by tagging me on Instagram or Facebook.

Don't have a printer, card stock, or time? Order a printed, cut set here with free shipping!


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