It's the Puckish Holiday Sale!

Have you met the Puckish Masked Girls?

They've been out and about for a few weeks, but I thought it was time for a formal introduction. Meet the puckish masked girls! Each has her own ideas to share in this upside down time.

As a limited color palette capsule collection, these girls are perfect for keeping as a team or sending off on their own. Here are a few places that are perfect for a puckish masked girl:


1. On your wall

These girls are a little special, in that they are the first collection of puckish characters who have the necessary PPE to venture out into the everyday right now. As you can imagine, they have no trouble speaking their minds.

2. In a care package
Send one or three to a friend (puckish girls always love traveling in packs) who might need that extra oomph to get through the week, or a refresh of her WFH office.


3. In the mail
They are postcard and mini print card perfect for Thinking of You correspondence, notes of encouragement, snail mail campaigns, or you can always just keep 'em for yourself (Tempest and I won't tell). 


4. In a book
They'll mark a mean page for your latest chapter for book club, make a great bookplate, or just add some puckish flair to your TBR pile or Little Library offerings.



5. In your Feeds
Share a puckish masked girl and send some hugs through the ether, or start a conversation (all while supporting this artist who will totally do a happy dance). Send her link far and wide (and tag me, so I can see where she goes and cheer her on with you, pinky swear?)
Where do you think these girls should go next (hint: mugs or t-shirts? Help me overthink it!)?

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