What's the secret password?

Hello puckish friends, welcome to the puckish pillow fort! Here in the fort fuzzy socks are encouraged, towering TBR piles are welcomed, and we don't judge what you're drinking in your ceramic coffee mug. No judgies at all in here. 

I've been meaning to pull out all the blankets and pillows necessary for this hideaway for years now (Troy and Abed style), and finally here it is! A place for news about puckish things, maybe a few tutorials and definitely some freebies, and a place for me to geek out on all the things that inspire me.

SO, I am so happy you're here. Pull up a cushion-- the wifi is strong, there are extra pillows for lumbar support, and snacks in the pantry. The secret password for when you need to get back in is: we got this.

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