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Wherever Rather Puckish goes, we (the characters and I) bring bright bold colors, main character characters, and universal ideas with a sugar lemony twist. It can be tough to put RP in a category, but that is also our superpower. Our energy is contagious, we’re a little off center, we love a good story and a witty retort. We might not be for everyone and that's ok, we're here to be us, not to be them. Rather Puckish is the kid who will always invite you to sit next to them, who can't wait to learn all about the YOUest you, and who wants to help you share it with the world. We want our cards to hit like a joke everyone's in on and our art prints to feel so niche they practically nudge and wink at you. We want puckish goodies to catch your eye from across the room and let you just know you're one of us. We're the quirky little sister with the big personality who draws you in with a sly aside and makes you want to giggle with us in the corner until our moms say we have to go home.

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