about me

Hi there! My name is Julia, and I'm the illustrator and writer behind Rather Puckish.

I started Rather Puckish in 2018 with a handful of colored pencils, and stack of 3x5 index cards.

Rather Puckish is thoughtfully cheeky, spirited, and relatable. Puckishness can tease out a grin, express a strong point of view, or feel big feelings… and always sparks that extra twinkle that makes someone stop and take a closer look. The cast of characters and off-center observations cannot help but be bright, bold, a little bit different, and just, well, puckish. Here at RP we embrace unabashed bookishness, riotous florals, sporty undertones, and being the youest you you can be. EVERYONE is welcome.

Each puckish card, print, sticker and little goody is designed to catch your eye, make you think, and bubble emotion to the surface. It started four years ago with a pile of illustrations on a studio office floor and a slightly overgrown imagination of potential ideas. The products that have developed over the years are always high quality, unique and distinctive.

At its core, Rather Puckish is about finding what lights you up, being exactly who you are without a care for what others might think and leaning into it with everything you’ve got. It’s being yourself and meaning it with a pointed wink at what everyone else thinks you “should” be. If you love ideas with a capital "I", a casual fuss, enthusiastic inclusivity, and a question-everything-and-poke-ideas-with-sticks way of looking at life, there is plenty of puckishness here for you. If you're drawn to the idea that everyone can be themselves and do what they want with their lives on their own terms, Rather Puckish is absolutely for you.

Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here.