custom illustrations

Custom illustrations are currently closed.

Here are a few FAQ's:

How much is a custom illustration?

Custom illustration prices vary depending on what you have in mind. Factors include the number of people/animals/mermaids/etc. pictured, color or black and white, number and size of prints, and so on. To give you an idea of estimates, a full length, full color drawing of one figure starts at $100+t&s, and families of four start around $250+t&s.

How does the process work?

Once we agree to move forward, I like to ask for photos of the people/animals/lovies you'd like to have drawn as well as a detailed description of hairdos, favorite colors or items, likes, loves, and quirks. When I've received and reviewed these, I digitally sketch a preliminary image and create a color palette and send this to you for review. If everything looks good, I move to the inking and coloring stage. I will then send you a final draft for last minute tweaks and approval before printing (please note, extensive edits or changes at either of these stages can result in additional charges that would be agreed upon as we go).

How do I pay for my custom illustration?

I will create a personalized listing on my site and you can check out through the cart page. Payment is due at the time of agreement to reserve your spot.

How long do custom illustrations take?

This depends largely on how busy my schedule is. If it's slow (non holiday or pre-market weeks) and you are responsive to emails and messages, it can take as little as a few days or as long as 2-3 weeks depending on the scope of your image.

What can I do with my custom illustration?

So many things! You can frame it and hang it on your favorite sunny wall, use the digital image for holiday cards, birthday invitations (just to name a few!), turn it into stickers or temporary tattoos (ask me!), use it as an avatar for your social media, and so much more!

Do you do custom illustrations for commercial uses?

Yes, I sure do!

Is there anything you don't draw?

In general, I do not draw other people's characters, anything trademarked, or fanart. Anything you would could consider Rated R is not for my style either. Thanks for understanding!

So there you have it. Interested in learning more? Email me and let's chat!